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Andy Hruby


Whether it's knowledge on the latest Industry leading products or superior customer service you're looking for, Andy strives to provide it in every situation. Along with a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Business from Michigan State University, he puts his knowledge, skills and Ag experience to use in leading the Seed Connection team with a focus on providing superior products and unmatched service.

› Channel Seed Products

Industry leading seed to increase your

yield potential. We also offer in house seed treatment with delivery directly to the field.

› Precision Planting Equipment

From tracking planting to yield information,

Precision Planting Equipment will fit your needs

to follow/increase your operations' potential.

› Crop Metrics Products

Looking for a way to seemlessly monitor your irrigation need and potential? Crop Metrics products are the perfect way to ensure your crops are getting the right amount of water to grow to their fullest potential.


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